What is Gelato?

Gelato is Italy’s version of ice cream, but there are many differences between the two.  Ice cream is mass produced and serves its purpose as a cold treat for a hot summer night.  Gelato, on the other hand, is produced in small batches, using unique gelato equipment, with a combination of ingredients and fresh flavors that come together in a frozen work of art. Gelato artisans are very particular in the quality and freshness of the ingredients that make it into their masterpieces.

Pino Gelato uses an authentic Italian recipe. This tradition is further exemplified by the manufacturing process using Italian gelato equipment.


Overrun: Gelato is Very Dense

Manufacturers typically whip air into their ice cream products, which results in over 50% of air by volume.  Gelato does not have all this air whipped into it, which means it is a dense, rich product full of flavor. This texture makes it thick and “creamy” without the use of heavy cream.

Milk Instead of Heavy Cream: Gelato is 93% Fat-Free

Gelato is made predominantly with milk, which means it is 93% fat-free!  Because ice cream contains more than twice as much air as gelato, the high fat content in the heavy cream allows ice cream to maintain a creamy texture.  In fact, by law, ice cream must contain more than 10% butterfat in the United States to be considered ice cream.

Temperature: Gelato is Served Above Zero Degrees

Pino Gelato uses special Italian gelato cases that allow us to serve the gelato at a higher temperature than most frozen desserts.  Serving our product at around seven degrees allows for a better taste when it hits your palate. The flavors melt faster, allowing you to experience the true flavor without being overwhelmed with coldness.

Ingredients: Premium, All Natural Ingredients

Pino Gelato uses only the freshest, highest quality ingredients, which provide a genuine, intense flavor. We use things such as whole fruits, real espresso and premium high cocoa content couverture chocolate to give our gelato the best possible flavor. Some of our ingredients are imported from Italy, to keep the true flavor of authentic Italian gelato. Gelato, being an artistic expression of flavor and quality, is produced in small batches with only the best available premium ingredients.

And for the discerning palette, some products are fat-free and many are gluten free.  Sorbetto, gelato without milk, is dairy-free, gluten-free and fat-free!